A Future Rooted in Liberty

Now, more than ever, we need a citizenry educated to uphold our system of democratic self-government.

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge and The Union League Legacy Foundation have merged to form Founding Forward, a national nonprofit charity dedicated to educating and empowering individuals to participate in and uphold our system of self-government.

Follow Us Forward!

Founding Forward, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity, is the result of a merger between The Union League Legacy Foundation and Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. These two organizations, founded in 1947 and 1949 respectively, united based on their long-standing partnership and shared values. Together as Founding Forward, they will combine their greatest assets and strengths to become the leading voice and institution in civic education.

Founding Forward aspires to educate, inspire, encourage dialogue, and defend self-government.

Leading the Way in Civic Education

Founding Forward’s work is guided by a belief in the importance of the founding principles established by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Founding Forward educates and inspires the leaders of today and tomorrow to carry these principles forward.

An Immersive Education Experience

Founding Forward fosters an immersive civic education experience for students, teachers, and citizens through an array of in-person programs, historic resources and collections, scholarships, awards, speaker programs, and other unique learning opportunities. By continuing and expanding the programs of Freedoms Foundations at Valley Forge and The Union League Legacy Foundation, Founding Forward aspires to educate, inspire, encourage dialogue, and defend self-government.

Finding Common Ground

Founding Forward will:

Increase civic literacy to foster informed and engaged civic leaders.

Promote the non-partisan study of the principles, philosophies, and documents upon which the nation was founded

Recognize that we cannot be productive, fully engaged citizens if we write off our history or each other

Encourage constructive civil discourse

Inspire leadership and civic responsibility.

United for the Future

Continuing the Work of Freedoms Foundation and The Union League Legacy Foundation

All Freedoms Foundation and Legacy Foundation educational opportunities and programs, scholarships, awards, chapters, and historic assets will continue within Founding Forward. To learn more about each organization’s programs and rich history, visit these websites:

Freedoms Foundation students posing for a photo

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge

The Union League Legacy Foundation

Fulfilling Our Mission

Founding Forward will fulfill its mission in two primary locations

Valley Forge Campus

Founding Forward’s 75- acre Valley Forge campus, adjacent to Valley Forge National Historical Park, provides residential civic education programs and includes an administrative building, dormitories, classrooms, banquet hall, and a 42-acre living memorial that honors all 3,500+ Medal of Honor recipients.

Heritage Center

The Heritage Center is home to Founding Forward’s Philadelphia campus, which houses administrative offices, event space, the historic collections and perhaps most importantly, exhibit space that is open to the public.

Support Our Cause

Founding Forward’s mission is to create an informed and engaged citizenry through education about the principles, rights, and responsibilities enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States, empowering individuals to participate in and uphold our system of self-government.
Support of our mission and work is made possible through voluntary contributions. Please join in supporting Founding Forward.

Current & Upcoming Programs & Events

Student Education

Students embark on a uniquely immersive learning experience to learn about America’s founding principles and the importance of civic engagement.

Teacher Seminars​

Over 14,000 educators have enriched their knowledge and their classrooms through our critically acclaimed and accredited immersive summer seminars.

Speaker Series​

We present dozens of speaker programs throughout the year that feature scholars, policy makers, and other intellectuals, on a wide variety of topics including the American Civil War, the Constitution, public policy, and other topics.

Historic Collections​​

We care for the extensive historic collections of The Union League and related organizations, which serve to educate and inspire students, teachers, and others through our educational programs.

National Awards​​

Our long-standing national awards program shows appreciation to those whose projects, words, or deeds reflect the best of the spirit of volunteerism.


Scholarships are provided to students to enable the pursuit of post-secondary education, as well as to teachers to attend our summer teacher seminars.

Our Board

Founding Forward is overseen by a distinguished board of trustees whose members come from throughout the nation.

Our Staff

Meet our knowledgeable, friendly staff, who are integral to advancing our mission and ready to assist you.